The Importance of Training Measurements

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Before one can even think of what training measurements should be used, proper expectations should be set to trainees. People undergoing training should be prepared and should have a clear understanding what the training is for and what the expected output should be. It is very unwise to move on to teaching individuals without them knowing what the training is all about. To do this, one must follow a simple structure or approach.

First off, the students should be relaxed. This may be done through an orientation and getting to know all the participants of the class. It is a fact that training can be stressful for the first day since the participants do not know each other. Second, before measuring training output, the objectives of the training should be made clear to each participant. The skill set should be well-defined and structured. Third, the trainee should be given ample time to review and practice what was taught them. This may include role-playing sessions and actual practice. Demonstrations by experts will also help a lot so trainees can get to feel how the job is done.

Moving on to training measurements, the intention of this is to identify which processes during the training are not applicable at all. Aside from measuring the performance of a student, it is also necessary to measure how the class was conducted, as it directly affects how the knowledge was transferred. This may be done by conducting a training needs analysis to identify what procedures are no longer useful for the class. The disadvantage of this is that the present class will not earn anything from the re-designed curriculum. Only the next classes will.

One test that may be applied to trainees is a normal assessment test. This may include communication skills-written and spoken. This may also incorporate product knowledge tests that measure the retention of the person about the things that he has learned. Another common test measurement or assessment is practical application. This is mostly used in companies that require the ability and efficiency to use certain tools-manual or computer-because these tools are crucial in the productivity of the employee. Failure to use these tools may translate to the trainees as inability to contribute to the company’s production.

Another means is a psychometric test. This measures the intelligence and aptitude of a potential employee and it determines a sense of balance with how the employee thinks. These tests are very objective in determining learning opportunities for individuals as well as their areas for development, not only at work, but also as a person. It is a means of measuring how people should be developed. This also aligns the employees’ personal goals to the company’s organizational goals.

In summation, expertise in training must be applied in all industries and companies. Not only will this help in achieving one’s goal, but this will significantly reduce the number of unequipped personnel that do not contribute to the company’s growth at all. Not because it is their fault, but because the company failed to invest in training measurements and tools that are necessary to assess what is needed.

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