Improve Recruitment Decisions through DISC Psychometrics

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Have you come across the statement “We hire people for their technical skills… and fire them for behavioral faults?” How strange indeed! While recruiting people, we normally focus only on his / her technical expertise and experience… to realize later that all that technical expertise can not be put to much use because of attitudinal problems with the incumbent.

Undoubtedly, it is not an easy task to assess the behavioral aspect in one or two short interview sessions. Psychometric tools provide an answer. DISC is one, which is quite simple, yet powerful. You will be astonished to see the outcome you get from this 10-minute exercise. Some people call it a test, which it is not. In test, your answer may be right or wrong; but in this case, there is nothing wrong. If one person prefers to have a steady work environment and the other one prefers variety in work, it is their personal preference and both of them are right. It is for the organization to assign them work suiting to their profile. And that is the secret of success.

DISC profiling consists of four parameters – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Nobody can have all the four of them high or all of them low.

Its outcome consists of:

• An individual’s Most Preferred behavioral style at work,’

• Behavioral modifications and adjustments made by the person to suit the needs of current job situation,

• Expected behavior under pressure,

• Preferred work environment,

• Motivation factors,

• Basic Fears,

• Role fit, and

• Presence of stress and its source – Job related or Personal.

DISC profiling can be used for Selection, Training & Development, Career Planning, Succession Planning, Coaching, etc. You can even prepare an ideal profile and compare actual profile with it to choose the best fit.

This way, you can make a better informed decision to choose between candidates of equal technical competence. And even your existing employees can be moved to slots more suitable to their profile. The result – people with improved effectiveness leading to superior organizational performance!

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