Employee Testing – Making a Successful Test of a Candidate

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Employee testing is a very essential part to selecting the right candidate for the specific designation. It is applicable to test the knowledge, skills and abilities of a future employee in a very nice manner and in a systematic way. There are various kind of tests should be generated in various ways which are discussed herewith.

Job Knowledge Test:

Job knowledge test shows multiple choice questions or essay type items to evaluate technical or professional expertise and knowledge required for some specific task or job or the profession. Various kinds of professions like Accounting, Programming and Blueprint reading should be tested with this type of testing.

Personality Test:

Commonly measured personality traits at work settings are optimism, agreeableness, dedications, stress management, stability of emotions, productivity etc. So in simple words we can say that personality test is nothing but a personal test of the candidate which shows personal attributes of them.

Cognitive Ability Test:

Cognitive ability tests includes quiz or problems to measure the ability to learn quickly, reasoning, comprehension reading and other kind of enduring mental abilities or exercises that are essential to achieve success in many different jobs.

Biographical Information:

This kind of test includes such areas as leadership, teamwork skills, job specific knowledge and varieties of skills like software knowledge, tools handling, interpersonal skills, creativity, productivity etc. Biographical Data normally uses questions about interests, work experiences, training, educations and interest to predict the success of the job.

Integrity Tests:

Integrity tests assess the experience and attitudes to a person’s honesty, dependability, trustworthiness, social behavior, responsibility. These kinds of tests typically ask direct questions about candidate’s previous experiences which are related to ethics. Integrity Testing are used to recognize the candidate who are likely to engage in inappropriate, antisocial behavior, dishonest, anti-organization activity at work. The integrity test thus helps a lot to get the best suitable candidate for the employer or an organization.

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