About Us

Psychometrics Direct has been involved in providing assessments for over 20 years providing access to the most well-known and widely used assessments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI®) through the Type Dynamics Indicator, Learning Styles Indicator ® , Management Team Roles Indicator® (MTR-i®), Individual Team Profile Questionnaire and FIRO-B ®  and FIRO-B.

While we recommend our “Simple | Online | Direct” approach the tests are also available in the traditional paper/pencil format and a number are available in languages other than English; we will continue to add more over time.

Who uses our psychometrics?

Customers over the years have included large and small organizations, public and private organisations, School, Universities and Colleges, psychologists, Executive Coaches, HR consultants, recruitment specialists and organisational consultants.

What do we do in organisations?

Our work has included supporting organisations with recruitment and selection, the design and running of Assessment and Development Centres, creation of Leadership Development Programmes and the design and delivery of a wide range of interventions in organisations that are focused on the development of individuals and teams, equipping of these to form high performing team and to support middle and senior managers in these programmes.

We have provided tests and questionnaires to organisations directly yet finds that the true value and increased effectiveness from the use of these tools comes when integrated into your own or our own custom training events.

How can I learn more?

To learn more about our products, please visit the Reports page and to view examples please download these from the Sample Reports page.

To enquire further about Psychometrics Direct or about how our products and services can help you achieve the results you need, please contact us at any time.

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