Psychometrics Direct provides simple yet sophisticated tools to  identify personal preferences and working styles to help in both business and personal life. Each test takes between 15-20 minutes, is completed online,  and when complete your results are emailed to you. From these you will;

  • Learn how to become more effective when working with others.
  • Explore your personality to identify your preferences and and Learning Style.
  • Identify your interests to suggest particular careers.
  • Review your thinking skills and contrast these with norm groups to see how you compare in the market place.

If then you have any questions please come back to us to see how we can help you further.

Click on any assessment or package name below for more information. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

The Type Dynamics Indicator – uses your underlying personality to help you explore the kind of career that is most likely to suit your preferences. It includes the Learning Styles Indicator and report. £22.00
The Learning Styles Indicator – uses your underlying personality to identify your preferred approach to learning tasks. £20.00
The Management Team Roles Indicator (MTR‐i) – focuses on our adapted behaviour and explores our preferences and biases against the challenges we face. Again, based on the work of Carl Jung it addresses team behaviour to help maximise both individual and team performance. £20.00
The Ideal Team Profile Questionnaire (ITPQ) is also part of the Type Mapping  system. and looks at what an individual or a team needs to do in order to be more successful. A great way of helping you to create High Performing Teams. £18.00
FIRO-B focusses on the inevitable link between personal needs, values, emotions and defences and how these impact on all our relationships – both personal and at work.  £15.00

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