Ideal Team Profile Questionnaire

The Ideal Team Profile Questionnaire (ITPQ)

Team Roles on their own are only half the story. It is all very well to map out what a team does – but it is what they need to do that really matters. Unfortunately, people do not always adapt to these changes.  Sometimes this is because they have developed a habitual mode of operating – perhaps based on a “what worked well in the past should be good enough now!” mentality.  In today’s changing world this does not always work.  It is important to keep evaluating and updating our ideas on what are the most appropriate things to do.  There is very little technology available for analysing the link between the current challenges and the human input required in behavioural terms.

  • different perceptions can be identified – by asking not only the team members but also the different stakeholders to complete the ITPQ a variety of views can be sought, and the real challenges clarified;
  • mismatches between current and ideal behaviour are highlighted – by comparing the ITPQ with the MTR-i the agenda for behavioural change can be specified;
  • a strategy for change can be agreed – where there aredifferences between roles performed and challenges faced, there is a need to ensure that the right things are done – sometimes by current members flexing their roles and sometimes by seeking additional resources and support.

The Ideal Team Profile Questionnaire is part of an integrated approach to improving team performance linking personality, behaviour and performance challenge which can all be addressed in a consistent and progressive way.

You can download examples from our Sample Reports page.

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