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Measuring the Mind: Conceptual Issues in Contemporary Psychometrics

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buy now $28.26 [ad_1] Is it possible to measure psychological attributes like intelligence, personality and attitudes and if so, how does that work? What does the term ‘measurement’ mean in a psychological context? This fascinating and timely book discusses these questions and investigates the possible answers that can be given

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An Introduction to Psychological Assessment and Psychometrics

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buy now $35.07 [ad_1] This accessible book outlines the key ingredients of psychological assessment and provides case studies to illustrate their application, making this an ideal textbook for courses on psychometrics or psychological assessment. The book covers the nature of assessment, basic components, how tests are made, underlying statistics, reliability

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Testing People at Work: Competencies in Psychometric Testing

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buy now $49.53 [ad_1] Testing People at Work is an authoritative, practical text on selection and assessment. It explains psychometric testing in occupational settings and also covers other methods of selection such as assessment centres and e-selection. The book systematically covers all the topics required for the BPS Certificates of

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