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What do Psychometrics Direct do?

Psychometrics Direct provides Coaches, HR Professionals, OD Consultants, Careers Professionals, Psychologists and Recruitment specialists with online access to a range of tests and questionnaires to help examine the abilities, competencies and style at work of those you help.

Supported by trained and qualified professionals we provide access to “Simple | Online | Direct” yet sophisticated ways of assessing and developing your people. Our psychometric reports include;

  • Type Dynamic Indicator report (TDI):
  • Learning Styles Indicator (LSI):
  • Management Team Roles (MTR-i):
  • Ideal Team Profile Questionnaire (ITPQ):
  • FIRO-B:
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • 360 degree feedback

You will find details of each report, samples of our reports and prices on the other pages of our site. Click the menu bar above to find out more.

For more help and expert guidance email us on info@psychometricsdirect.co.uk.